In his follow up to his hit special "Principal's Office” Bret Ernst dives into the trials and tribulations of marriage. The 25-year standup veteran was a pioneer, being the first comic to release an hour special via YouTube. "Domesticated Animal" follows suit being shot independently at Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club in Las Vegas and showcases Ernst's mastered storytelling ability. It's funny, honest and heartfelt. 
"What I like most about this special is that whether you’re in a happy relationship or you’re going through a divorce, it should resonate." - Bret Ernst

In today's Internet age, the artist now has the ability to control the content and channels of distribution. This is why I've decided to release this comedy special free to the public. Shot in one take on the eve of the Super Bowl, “Principal’s Office” was a passion project that took over a year to finalize and is completely self-produced and self-funded. Enjoy the show!